About The Project Today

Welcome to the world of The Project Today! We are glad you stopped by to say hi. Grab a cookie and let’s get to know each other.

The world of The Project Today takes place in middle Tennessee, in the fictional town of Dogwood. Sarah loves to cook and is often visited by her brother Ted, and Ted’s friend Denton Rose. This is the setting for Let’s Image Entertainment’s corner of their fictional universe, always based on a true story.


The Players

Meet the real people involved in Let’s Image Entertainment

Sarah from The Project Today - GlamourShotsPhoto

Linda Tinsley

Sarah Loring

Linda loves to cook, take care of her dogs, and do home crafts. She enjoys sharing her recipes and the food she cooks!

Dennis Baker

Denton Rose /

Does Dennis play Denton Rose, or is Denton playing Dennis Baker? We may never know!


Clyde Neal

Ted Thorndyke

Clyde Neal, Nashville singer songwriter, provides the background sounds as well as foil to Denton’s madness!


Tom Tinsley

Austin / Producer

Tom assembles the bits of craziness captured on camera and shares them with the world!