Sarah’s animated telling about one of her favorite things – playing the lottery! The page for the Tic Tac Toe lottery method with description, lottery numbers, and automated grid is at the Fun With Lotto site. Along with a Puppies and Kitties tic tac toe game!

This is a Moho animated short using 3D obj files and z-index layering. It also uses the Lip Sync plugin, which keeps getting updates. The voice recognition plugin is getting better but still needs some work. At least my characters now have fingers! 😉

The Jeannie character is supposed to be Sarah with a wig, not just reuse of a base. Because years ago I did have a long blonde wig. Just not a Barbara Eden jeannie costume. Although Austin would have bought one for me if I asked. Or even brought it up. Adding the Lottery Jeannie was my idea – the I Dream of Jeannie costume was Austin’s.

The kitchen is a full 3d object set built in Cheetah3d. It pretty much wears out the computer in Moho editing so the background layer has to be disabled while working with characters. I’m working to reduce the complexity on the objects in it in the hopes that it will be less taxing on the computer. Each cabinet, appliance, floor, etc, is brought into Moho, and adjusted accordingly. It also was in my Moho custom library, but I had to move it out because it kept crashing Moho. Moho works well with the 3d rendering although there is sometimes a depth confusion with 2d and 3d objects. But I like the effect so I’m keeping the 3d.

There is more Moho fun coming. If it keeps up though I’m going to have to trade my iMac for a Mac Pro. At least cooking videos don’t max out the computer!