My WebFriend Animation 

Web Friend Sarah - Spritesheet for Sarah as a Web Friend

While working on a new cartoon, an idea struck me. I exported some basic animation cycles to an image sequence. Then I stiched them together into a sprite sheet. Some easy JavaScript later, and now I am animated and running around on the page!
Now I need to create an animation for Sierra so she can run around too! It’s okay – she is housebroken.

I’ll be putting together some instructions so you can do this with your Moho creations as well. Currently the combine script is in PHP. It uses a simple plugin for WordPress, but will operate without WordPress as well. The goal is to convert the combine spritesheet PHP script to a Lua plugin for Moho. My current design challenge is the timeline. Animation segments for the script have four markers: entry, loop start, loop end, and exit. This is being edited in a JSON file, but it would be better inside Moho itself. Besides, a plugin should be self contained. I have some ideas but am not decided yet. Current plan is a non-modal dialog for the plugin… maybe.

Well, I wanted to explain the character walking around on the screen on my Moho and animation pages.

The neat thing is it also works as a dashboard widget on my Mac. And by dragging the widget to my desktop, my Moho creations can now play around while I work!