I am using Moho, formerly Anime Studio, for animations. It is rather fun to use and gives a really nice result! It works great on my Mac and I can import the result into Final Cut for editing. Usually I do my work on my MacBook Air, then do the final rendering on my more powerful iMac. For portability of course. 🙂

Still pretty much a beginner at Moho with lots to learn. I love learning by doing though!

Also learning to use Lua. I’m already exceptionally fluent in Java, PHP, and JavaScript, and capable in Objective C, VB, and a few older languages like Pascal and Assembler. So Lua is not too far a stretch. Very straightforward and easy to use. Moho exposes so much to the API that there does not appear to be any limit for automating repetitive tasks.

My characters are improving!

The first characters I created were hand drawn, scanned, imported into Gimp, and trimmed into .psd layered files. This worked quite well to get the whole thing going. It does have the result of artifacts and rough lines all over the place.

The updated characters are getting a vector refresh. Not all at once. Planning to get a functional one of these – , but until then. I’ll update as time permits.

Mark My Words Animation


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