Hello everyone!

Scotch TL901c Thermal Laminator ReviewSadly, there has been a recall on my favorite TL901c Scotch Thermal Laminator. It has been reported to overheat and cause a potential burn hazard. There were around 395,000 units sold and ten of those were reported to malfunction and overheat. Scotch has offered a full refund.

This recall is only for the inexpensive and rather awesome TL901c Scotch Thermal Laminator, the one with the teal sides and reverse switch. The risk is that the bottom of the case may overheat and deform. The excessive heat creates a possible burn hazard. The official recommendation is to return the laminator for the twenty dollar refund.

Fun With LottoIf you did buy one, use at your own peril… but I also love to play the Tennessee Pick Three Lottery! My odds for an exact combination are one in one thousand. And I usually play any order, which helps the odds even more. I also put in a few numbers every week because it is just plain fun! But even with the better odds and extra plays, I still haven’t won big. Yet…


So, if the risk of overheating a bit on a hot melty low cost appliance is ten in 395,000, I’m going to risk the odds and let 3M keep my twenty dollars. The thing does get hot – If you do use it, make sure to set it on a surface that is capable of holding a laminator, waffle iron, toaster, etc. I usually set it in the same place my banana bread goes when I pull it out of the oven.

3M does have higher end laminators available if you are looking for a more durable product. This little one works well for me and my goal has been to enjoy wearing it out!

Click here for the official Scotch Thermal Laminator TL901c recall press release