See how Sarah’s cartoons are progressing, and how to use open source voice recognition to animate cartoon mouths for an acceptable lip sync in Moho/Anime Studio.

Currently for Mac only… sorry.

Download the php file here:

The instructions below are included in the zip file as README.TXT

Instructions (Mac only, someone else will have to figure out Windows):

There are many tutorials on using the command line. One is at

Just a warning – be VERY afraid of the RM command. If you don’t know what
you are doing, avoid it. Use finder to delete files.

Also, upper and lower case makes a difference.

Open a command prompt.

# Install Brew
# Copy to the terminal. Full instructions at

/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

# Install ffmpeg.
brew install ffmpeg

# Install pocketsphinx.

brew tap watsonbox/cmu-sphinx
brew install –HEAD watsonbox/cmu-sphinx/cmu-sphinxtrain
brew install –HEAD watsonbox/cmu-sphinx/cmu-sphinxbase
brew install –HEAD watsonbox/cmu-sphinx/cmu-pocketsphinx


Now your computer is ready to read audio files and return text. Please refer to the above websites if you have problems. Also, even if we do create a Moho plugin, the above software will still be needed.

Next, copy the MouthSync.php and MouthSync.json to the directory
your Moho/Anime Studio files are in.

# Go to the directory using the command line and enter:
chmod +x MouthSync.php

# This makes MouthSync.php an executable file. You can run it by typing
./MouthSync.php [your anme file]

# Alternatively, you can run it by typing
php MouthSync.php [your anme file]